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I love to create. I also like colour and beautiful things as well as integration &  illusion.

With my background in traditional art, illustration, and matte painting, my skills would be a good fit for roles such as Digital Matte Painter, Concept Artist, Environment Designer, Illustrator, Art Director, Creative Director, etc. Please contact me for any inquiries or additional information.

I work with many different mediums, including traditional and digital. I have a strong background in traditional art including painting and drawing which I continued to learn during my studies in Illustration and Design. This is also where I discovered digital art. I was taught how to use each of these different mediums to my advantage in order to achieve the best aesthetic. In my 3rd year of studies, I discovered Environment Design and Matte Painting, which inspired me to continue my studies in University to become a Visual Effects Artist specializing in Matte Painting and Environment Design, and compositing. My love of nature, painting and movie magic naturally brought me to my passion for Matte Painting and I have been lucky to work full time in the VFX industry on movies such as Godzilla 2, Justice League, The Mummy, Fantastic Beasts, Sully, Suicide Squad, Race , etc. My appetite for creativity and my drive fuels me to constantly search for new challenges and creative projects.

My career has led me to work in various teams and on many different projects. With my background in freelance illustration and experience in the corporate VFX world, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge both with team building & people skills, as well as with software and artistic skills. I have experience with hefty VFX pipelines, a deep knowledge of Photoshop and Nuke, and experience using Maya and a few other supportive software for Matte Painting.

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