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I love to create. I also like colour and beautiful things as well as integration &  illusion.

My artistic nature makes me curious and thirsty to try new ways to focus my creative energy.

I work with many different mediums, but I mainly love mixing traditional and digital as I think this creates more depth in my work and interesting varieties. I have a strong background in traditional art including painting and drawing which I learned more about in depth while studying Illustration and Design, where I also discovered digital art. I was taught how to use each of these to my advantage in order to achieve the best aesthetic. In my 3rd year I discovered Environment Design and Matte Painting, which inspired me to continue my studies in University to become a Visual Effects Artist specializing in Matte Painting and Environment Design. My love of nature, painting and movie magic naturally brought me to my passion for Matte Painting and I have been lucky to work full time in the VFX industry on movies such as Justice League, The Mummy, Fantastic Beasts, Sully, Suicide Squad, Race , to name a few. I’m currently working on Justice League. My appetite for creativity and my drive fuels me to constantly search for new challenges and creative projects. I am currently excited to be working on many different creations with interesting and talented individuals!

Some of my current projects includes creating fashion illustration content for Vancouver Fashion Week FW2018 September 18-24th, showcasing my artwork at RAW Vancouver Fixate in the Harbour Event Center September 28th click here for tickets and info, exciting artwork that will be featured in ILHS Vancouver Magazine for Fall Fashion looks,  artistic fashion croquis and creations for Rimpy Sahota Fall 2018 Collection Bellazia, an art installation for Secret Garden Tea Company with JamPR, and many more events including live painting and silent auctions! I can’t wait to share more with you and soon you can look forward to seeing some blog posts about my artwork, the behind the scenes and my every day life!

I hope you enjoy my artwork, and make sure to come back and check out my new projects!

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